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We know not everyone can give money each month, and that’s okay. If you have a blog and like what Love Drop’s about, we’d love for you to be a part of our Blogger Network! It’s a super easy (and helpful) way to get our communities involved, and all it takes is a few minutes every month to help support our recipients. You get free, high-quality content, and Love Drop gets bigger. How cool is that?

Each month we’ll send out an email letting you know who the person/family we’re helping that month is, along w/ the code to our intro video and some brief copy. All you have to do is share this story with your readers and you’ve helped our cause! Easy, right? You can edit/tweak/write up anything you think works with your site, there are no barriers whatsoever. All we ask is that you blog about the person we’re helping at least once each month so we can gain support for them.

Seem fair? Sign up below and we’ll add your link to our blogroll :) Here’s to powerful communities!

Our Blogger Network:

  1. ItStartsWith.Us – Changing the world in 15 minutes a week
  2. Budgets Are Sexy – Where financial nerds are cool
  3. Bargain Blessings – Save like you never have before!
  4. – Thoughts on love, life lessons, photography & everything else.
  5. Enemy of Debt – Where Behavior Meets Reality
  6. 360 Blog – Changing the world, one blog post at a time
  7. Do Good – There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do
  8. Donna Horn
  9. Personal Finance Firewall – A Burning Passion For Personal Finance
  10. Simple Bytes – Technology Use Communication
  11. My Journey to Millions – Elite Estate and Personal Finance Information
  12. Money Crashers – Your Guide To Financial Fitness
  13. Finding Blanche – Nothing stays the same.
  14. A New Life – Reaching women with a message of God’s grace, love, and mercy.
  15. Clip With Purpose – How to Save Year Round for Operation Christmas Child
  16. Getting to Goal: Embrace Life.
  17. moonroot – Paganism, Permaculture & Poultrykeeping on a Welsh Hillside
  18. dessert FIRST – because hey LIFE IS SHORT why not
  19. MommaDJane – Climbing the Ladder to Success: one broken step at a time
  20. Saving Money Today – Earn more. Save more. Live more.
  21. Committed to Memory – Remembering the Best Things in Life
  22. Musings of an Abstract Aucklander – Trying to live for today while saving for tomorrow
  23. sixteenandlovingit
  24. DC Princess
  25. Ramble On
  26. water falling upwards – life, laughter and brilliance (and all the other stuff in between)
  27. YBalanced – Managing my world to manage my WORLD!
  28. hey bartzie – Photo mondays
  29. Running Foodie – A Balanced Living Blog
  30. The Bona Fide Life – a true, sincere and real journey of a women living life with a positive attitude
  31. simple.little.joys. – I want to live a simple life…
  32. Oh My Aches and Pains! – I’m sharing my adventures in learning how to live well despite chronic illnesses to inspire you…
  33. The Debt Princess – Lessons in What Not to Do with your Money.
  34. Practically Intuitive – Intuitive Guidance | Practical Application
  35. – Writer. Photographer. Lawyer. Haiku Poet. Unicorn Lover.
  36. worthwild – Financial Independence On Your Terms
  37. Living on the Line – About Life in and around Range Line Valley
  38. Rough Branch – Practice resurrection.
  39. Rock and Roll Mama – Because You’ve Still Got It
  40. green chair studio – photography for life
  41. Couponer 101 – How would you like something for FREE?
  42. Divas With A Purpose – Divas helping divas helping divas
  43. Stockpiling Moms – A Guide to Frugal Living
  44. HedgetoadKids – singing in the car, coloring on the couch
  45. Tying Up Loose Ends – Keeping organized in a creative and inexpensive way
  46. {every}nothing wonderful – Celebrating life through food, photography, and design
  47. Broke as a Spoke – Broke as a spoke (and that ain’t no joke)
  48. Looking Glass Blog – Where Social and Tech Get Married
  49. Trailing After God – Encouraging Your Walk of Faith, One Step At A Time
  50. Bread Without Butter – where vegan cooking and writing as therapy collide
  51. Rage Against the {washing} Machine – Rocking Mommyhood one basket{case} at a time
  52. Lundie’s Life
  53. Fleur de Life – Life is a flower; or not. It depends on how you think.
  54. intuitivesparks
  55. The Village Hearth – Growing in Self – Growing in US
  56. Madame Deals – Making Dollar$ Out of Change
  57. Fit for 50 – We’re getting fit before we turn 50
  58. DINKS Finance – A Personal Finance Blog for Couples
  59. Peg Kerr’s Livejournal
  60. Born Just Right – A blog about a little girl born with just a right hand and is just right.
  61. Devilish Delish – the life and times of a midwest somebody
  62. Inside The ChatterBox – Putting My Gift of Gab to Good Use!
  63. Peas for Prosperity – Helping people in need….one pea at a time
  64. No Step No Story – Inspiring people to live extraordinary lives
  65. Therapy Notes – ’cause everyone could use a little therapy
  66. Smart Money Chicks – Creating Financially Savvy Women
  67. the margarita glass is half full
  68. Tying Up Loose Ends – Keeping organized in a creative and inexpensive way
  69. Diapers and Die Cuts
  70. My Journey To Happiness – Every Long Journey Starts With One Small Step
  71. A new Fit – food allergy cooking and fun!
  72. Little Miss Moneybags – Sharing My Thoughts on Life & Money
  73. If You Can Read, You Can Cook – Teaching the world to cook, one beginner at a time
  74. Digital Dads – Where a Dad can be a Guy!
  75. Accidental Musings – Life is random, so is my blog.
  76. Inexpensively – Helping you live your life, inexpensively
  77. Mommies with Cents – Because Every Cent Counts
  78. Hip As I Wanna Be – One working woman’s quest to successfully juggle work, life, marriage, and the mania of male offspring
  79. Savionaire – Refined Single Living On The Go
  80. Clever Dude Personal Finance & Life – Family, Marriage, Finances and Life
  81. Natural Papa – Fatherhood and natural parenting from the perspective of a treehugging dirt worshipper
  82. JeStoneIV Blog – Personal blog by John E Stone IV
  83. Step Away from the Mall – A regular guy’s “what would I do” personal finance blog.
  84. Let’s Do Small Things With Great Love – Because even the smallest act of kindness can have the greatest impact
  85. Mrs Nespy’s Frugal World – Sharing My Journey to Financial Freedom
  86. Prairie Eco-Thrifter – Go Green, Save Money, Have Fun
  87. Saramasfina
  88. 3 Men and a Lady
  89. The Best Money Blog – Save Money, Live Frugally, and Earn Passive Income.
  90. Life in the Pitts – this is not a craft blog
  91. Coffee To Cocktails – Motherhood powered by caffeine and alchohol
  92. Inspired Mess – Create Adventure. Live Inspired.
  93. Rewriting Life – creating happiness one moment at a time
  94. 3 Four Letter Words
  95. Thumbin’ My Way
  96. CraftyMamaof4
  97. A Taste of T – Inspired by Life
  98. The Curious World of L – Casual encounters with life, love and leisure
  99. Katiebeecreative – Scrapbooking,Crafting, Vintage Love and Family
  100. Megan’s Posterous
  101. Our Dog Buffy
  102. Extra + Ordinary: 30b430 – 365 days to make a difference in my life and inspire yours
  103. KiteZA – A Dilettante’s Diary
  104. Magical Penny – Grow your pennies
  105. I’m Contagious – Live Contagiously – Spread Ease.
  106. Friends & Heroes – Connecting Student Affairs people,practice & ideas…
  107. Fancy Biscuit
  108. The Blog of Josh Opinion – 2nd Most Interesting Man in the World
  109. Arvonia – Musings of a sassy girl
  110. Curators of Style
  111. Live Well Fit Fair – Making Healthy Living Fun
  112. Cat’s Out of the Bag – There is no more creative force in the world than a menopausal woman with zest
  113. Living on Love and Cents – Your Source for Great Deals, Reviews, Giveaways and Living the Good Life
  114. Momondealz
  115. Grow Rich Simply – A simple guide to managing your finances and building wealth
  116. An American Girl In Cambodia – True story of an expat from Robbinsville, NJ, who now lives in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
  117. Everything Finance – Its all About Money!
  118. Going backward, moving forward – Forest gardening theory and practice in the Pacific NW
  119. Wandering Still
  120. Living Aloha – Spread a Little Aloha Around the World
  121. Funny about Money – Simple Living = Frugality = Peace of Mind: Personal Finance and Stress Control
  122. Amelia’s Healthy Life – exploring self acceptance & personal finance
  123. Single Mom Money
  124. SimplyForties – A female in her forties making her way through midlife and enjoying most of it!
  125. The Places in Between – Where to Next?
  126. Totally Temberton – Laughter is the Music of the Soul!
  127. Out of Debt Again – We did it before, we can do it again!
  128. 4 the LUV of SaNiTy
  129. Sweets in the City
  130. Lessons of Love from a Laptop Dancer – The Love Project
  131. My Diary Entry – Join me along my personal path to loving life and learning to love myself.
  132. marquina&dan – Marriage & Finance – Tips to help you stay together
  133. Kelly’s Life Adventures
  134. – Because life shouldn’t be a sentence
  135. HappyKnits – My business of Handmade knits!
  136. Divergent Planning
  138. Ignite Your – Inspiration, Fun and a Passion For Life
  139. Cirque du Needham – The Circus of Our Life
  140. Stoker Words – I think I’ll have another please…
  141. Crafting in the Corners – Two friends, crafting across the country.
  142. iRock With U – …Are you rocking with me?
  143. We’re Finally Three!!
  144. Molly Dixon – Good Golly Miss Molly Dixon.
  145. Little Bit Of Wonderful
  146. – Cogent diversions
  147. Walking With Nora – Walking Through Rain, Through Sun, Through Life
  148. Love Woke Me Up This Morning – Thoughts from a college graduate/permanent visitor of Missouri/Chicagoan…
  149. Squid on Fire – Travel! Adventure! Absurdity!
  150. Witty Whit’s Words – A dash of witty (or not so witty) banter on those things that touch my life daily…
  151. Confessions of a BoomerangCHICK – Because sometimes you have to go back in order to move forward…
  152. BelleRenee – Less of a Marilyn, more of a Jackie
  153. Brighten the Path
  154. Erin Makes It Work – One Girl’s Adventure in Domestic Goddestry
  155. Lost in Singledom – One Girl’s Quest to Find the Road Map!
  156. Tales of My Life as an Army Wife
  157. Petite Hermine – Unique finds and eye candies.
  158. Polka Dot Coaching – Connecting The Dots of Your 20-Something Life.
  159. Hangin’ with the Bradfords – Daily Happenings in Life @ the Bradford Casa!
  160. Gooseberried
  161. JustinWasHere – The Blog Heard Around The World!
  162. Ruby Perrin Design
  163. A Day In The Life Of This Miss – Take a peek in my colorful world…
  164. The Long Road Set – Life. Under Construction.
  165. Cyan Years – A period of living creatively.
  166. The Inside Story – Making what’s inside count: an aspiring author’s journal on reading, writing and the life in between…
  167. Limit Free Lifestyle
  168. Home Grown Families – Keeping Children as Natural as God created them
  169. Perfectly Flawed – Song of Songs 4:7
  170. 501derful – A Blog about the Future of Nonprofits, Tech and Social Media
  171. Ridgewood : Ingenious Communications Strategies – We Love helping clients make the world a Better Place!
  172. Furtive Life – My life as a lesbian
  173. Be an Adventurer
  174. Chez Mukweto
  175. Atlanta Mothers Guide
  176. The Village – An Interactive Web Fiction Series
  177. GiveMeGrace
  178. Skulls & Stars – The Evil and Unattainable Happenings in my Life.
  179. Bell du Jour
  180. My Smiling Heart – Thoughts, creations & inspirations…
  181. Saumirah Likes Art – Art. Culture. Life After College.
  182. Cute-Stuffs.Com – Our giveaway blog for our kawaii shop!
  183. Side Culture – Life on the Side
  184. Momma Loves 2 Shop!
  185. The Budgeting Babe – A blog for working girls with big dreams & small wallets
  186. Digital Mom Blog – Eclectic mix of life + technology + raising kids
  187. Adventures of Lady D – Devin goes to Bali and blogs about it
  188. Beautiful Because
  189. knitting my neighborhood – getting to know my neighbors by visiting and talking with them while knitting
  190. Raising American Girls
  191. The Divine Miss Mommy – Living the Good Life
  192. Money Saving Queen – You will have Plenty to Eat!
  193. Fit2B Mama – Are You a Fit2B Mama?
  194. Attention Deal Shoppers – …unBEElievable savings found here!
  195. Soft and Steel – The things that make a mother.
  196. Coloring Outside The Lines – Coloring outside the lines and sometimes on the walls.
  197. Tammy Munson – Family. Life. Social Media.
  198. Even my dog is cliche – Tackling boring head on
  199. What If No One’s Watching?
  200. Creative Kristi – A reluctant military wife blogging about crafts, decor, cheap home renovations & frugal/green living
  201. Sabrina Clementine – The Sewing Exploits of Sabrina Clementine
  202. Taste Like Crazy – Almost as good as electroshock therapy.
  203. let’s dabble – empowering nonprofits through video
  204. Way off the grid – And Glad to be There!
  205. Everyday Tips and Thoughts – Ideas for life!
  206. New AdventuresNew Adventures
  207. Smart Green Tips – Save a little time, Save a little money, Save a little planet
  208. Frugal Beautiful – Frugal Beautiful!
  209. – Monetary musings of another twenty-something
  210. The Wrap – good business and goodwill coming together
  211. My Crazy Busy Life – Juggling 3 kids, shopping addiction & my sanity
  212. – We make you feel normal.
  213. DutchBeingMe – Believe. Imagine. Dream. Love. – Living life out loud!
  214. Baby Cheapskate – Saving Big Bucks on Baby and Kid Stuff
  215. Mother Load – musings of a former perfectionist and current mother
  216. Green and Frugal Living – Saving money while saving the environment
  217. Express Yourself – at the Cafe’..Where the coffee’s always hot!
  218. Stellar Photographie
  219. Couple Money – Live on one income; have fun with the second
  220. Diva Taunia’s Backstage Pass
  221. Georgia Angel – A Southern Aries Woman
  222. My Money and My Sanity – I’m trying to save both.
  223. The Loca Loba – Just another day in paradise
  224. Macaroni Kid – Lakewood, Colorado – Entertain, Stimulate and Exhaust Your Kids
  225. The Justice Journey – Acting justly, loving kindness and walking humbly with God
  226. Making It Bright
  227. Mommycosm – A world where motherhood is fueled by yoga and pilates… or Yoda, pie and lattes…depending…
  228. Dandelion Wishes – and other ways of making dreams come true
  229. Dan & Tiffany O’Day – O’Day Family Blog
  230. Chrome and Pearls – Ride Like a Girl
  231. Aimee Hughes – Healthy vegan recipes and holistic tips from around the world
  232. Our Giggles and Grimaces – Christian family with 3 little girls
  233. Single Saving Grace
  234. JRRSEhope Coaching – Parenting & Peanuts: Solutions for midlife parenting, troubled teens, single moms, and…
  235. The Fourth Pew – Reflections being a cradle Catholic and the wife of a Catholic Deacon.
  236. love the 918
  237. Teachable Scotts Tots Homeschool – Journey Of Homeschooling in the Midwest With 3 Blessings And A Mommy Who Is A Writer
  238. Spend Less, Shop More – Shop more and save more with the right mix of sales and coupons!
  239. …with George
  240. Mundane Magic – Amid the daily madness there are moments that make it all worthwhile.
  241. Paul Gebel
  242. McCleary Mama
  243. The Mindstorm: Raising a Mentally Ill Child – My journal of raising a child with Schizoaffective Disorder
  244. MainstreamMom – $mart Moms. Bad Hair.
  245. My 28 Day Sit – A haphazard Buddhist’s approach to life
  246. The Lemonade Connection – Save, live, coupon, couponing, learn,groceries
  247. Diabetic Snacker Reviews – Product Reviews Giveaaways & Healthy Eating Tips
  248. Have a Namaste – Healthy, natural, authentic living
  249. Pretty Handy Girl – A DIY Blog Empowering You to Complete Your Own Project
  250. The Homeschool Jungle – Start Homeschooling Today
  251. The Bread of Life Project – Inspired (Blog) – Connecting Communities. Meeting Needs. Demonstrating Grace.
  252. BuzzEdition – Movies, Music & More!
  253. Deals, Steals and Things You Want to Know – Deals, Steals and Things You Want to Know!
  254. R2’s E-List – Micro-Resource Blog
  255. Passive Aggressive Diaries – Day-to-day accounts of backhanded compliments, excessive civility and uncooperative obedience
  256. Life in the Moment – Finding God in all the Moments of Life
  257. You Have More Than You Think – A reality check to financial freedom
  258. Frugal Living – Living Better on Less
  259. Christians In Good Company – Wherever you are, God is there!
  260. Carole Baker – Social Net…Working for You!
  261. Family Brings Joy – It all begins and ends with Family.
  262. missannakay
  263. PENSIEVE – Magically delicious. As Southern as sugar-shocked tea.
  264. A Perfect Dose of Life
  265. All the way from Brissago – News from Switzerland
  266. Emily Jane
  267. Good Financial Cents – Helping People Make “Cents” of Their Investments
  268. Urban Couth
  269. I am believing God
  270. It’s Serious This Time – Life of Kaylen
  271. Inspiration In the Oddest Places
  272. Frugal Dad – A frugal perspective on money, career and family
  273. Aldo’s Spot – It’s the love inside that fuels my fire.
  274. Psych and the Single Girl – Learn.Laugh.Love…Live!
  275. Our Journey Through Life – Sharing my family’s story in dealing with my husband’s mental illness
  276. theakativist – A little piece of me for everyone to see
  277. Your Life After 25 – Believe It Or Not It Does Go On
  278. Will Write for Stilettos – Writer. Scholar. Bride. Shoe Fanatic.
  279. My Cruise of Energy, Light and Love – Well-being is the basis of all that is
  280. ColorMePink! – Committed to bringing delicious, whole food, meal ideas to the home table.
  281. Multitasking Mama – Cutting through the clutter of life
  282. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – A Personal Finance Blog About the Next Financial Step
  283. Mia Bella Vita by Dawn Blomquist – Life and photography
  284. Ribbons & Pearls – Women, beauty
  285. Money Talks – Information. Education. Conversation.
  286. Jessica Chastain Photography
  287. 3PsinaPod – Where we raise ’em Spicy!
  288. Homeowner by 30! – Join me as I share the strategies, trials, and tribulations of getting out of debt.
  289. Looking Forward, Looking Back
  290. finding fairy tales – The “happily ever after” is up to you…
  291. So Over Debt – A single mom’s journey – not to financial freedom, because that’s out of reach – but to…
  292. game informer bee – video gameing
  293. Modern Housewife
  294. lucky rosies
  295. Connecting Women – Connecting Women to People, Resources and Ideas
  296. Savionaire – Refined Living On The Go
  297. Restart – A 40 something single mom’s countdown to layoff and trying to survive it…
  298. Sarah So Crafty – Not Like The Movies
  299. Beat of my Drum – March to my beat.
  300. PIVOT blog – Helping You Make Your Mark!
  301. Liberated Life Project – Freedom: It’s an Inside Job
  302. IdentiTales – Personal Stories that Explore Who We Are
  303. A Penny Earned – A Peer Advised Personal Finance Blog
  304. Musingly Inclined – An elegant tapestry of quotations, musings, aphorisms, and autobiographical reflections
  305. – Basically? I write.
  306. Living In Financial Excellence – Normal is broke & in debt. Choose to be weird & live DEBT FREE!
  307. Midnight Eden – Mind, Body, Heart & Life’s Little Luxuries
  308. Anxiously Engaging – Because life is a good cause: Poetry, Pictures, and all things oPtimistic!
  309. 50 Plus Finance – A Source To Share Financial, Family, and Economic Experience
  310. Living in Grace – Breath by breath, laugh by laugh
  311. Melissa Zihlman Photography Blog – DFW portrait photographer
  312. Coffee Cents – Personal Finance – caffeinated
  313. Aiming Low – Perfectly mediocre.
  314. Fallingup79 – This really is quite the journey!
  315. Hiccups In Time – Because it won’t be like this for long…
  316. 20 and Engaged – Life as a 20 year old newlywed
  317. Glam and Glitter Forever – For all the life and fashion lovers
  318. Soozie’s Cutie Patooties
  319. High Impact Mom – Equipping Parents to Make an Impact on Their Community
  320. Man & Wife Living Life – Faith, Love, Laughter & Life… Atypical & Loving It!
  321. Bschebs’ Course Adjustments – Charting A Course Through Life
  322. The Shack Up – What happens when two people take the plunge and move in together…
  323. Scent Daily – Teen sisters running an online beauty boutique. This could get crazy…
  324. I Hear Laugh Tracks – Live in the moment but document a few pieces to savor later.
  325. Fizgiggery – The Art of Creating Mischief
  326. RestlessBBWoman – Shopping BBW
  327. CEOhMom – Reviews, Advice and Musings from an Entrepreneurial Mom
  328. After Nine To Five – A girl’s journey through life with food, laughter, and self-employment
  329. Mommy Niri Cares – Social media for social good
  330. Damsels Creations – Sewing, quiltiing, crocheting and other things crafty, along with some finanical information.
  331. Look Who Found the Marbles – Human interest. Social good. Happy thoughts.
  332. DollarVersity – A distinctive voice standing out from the crowd
  333. MyFavPerson – Giving unsung everyday heroes the recognition they deserve while inspiring others!
  334. In Debt in the 801 – In Debt in the 801
  335. Damsels Creations – Sewing, quilting, crocheting and other things crafty, along with some finanical information
  336. Daily Money Shot – Serving up personal finance, one shot at a time
  337. Cordelia Calls It Quits – Because there are better things to do with a life
  338. Laugh Thru Life – Smiling, laughing and having fun no matter what
  339. Money Q&A – Answering one question at a time on the way to financial freedom
  340. Debt Reckoning – Get out of debt, build wealth, and get on with life
  341. My Personal Finance Journey – Unraveling the myths of personal finance and investing
  342. Narrow Bridge Finance – Adventures in Personal Finance
  343. Sophisticated Spender – Practice good financial planning!
  344. Two Savvy Sisters – Stretching a Buck with Deals and Steals
  345. Lisa Nigro Speaks
  346. Happy Wives Club – For those who still believe love rocks!
  347. – Leading the Future
  348. Infinite Healing Arts – Stories and inspiration from chiropractor and health maverick, Dr. Mike
  349. What Jean Likes
  350. The Random Blogette – Moms are the new hotness! Exploring the joys and challenges of being a parent and loving…
  351. The House of Collums


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