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Hey guys! Get ready to have some fun, and share a little love with your fellow financial bloggers :) On Friday, September 30th @ 3pm, Love Drop and FINCON11 are partnering up to kick off the conference right with our very first community service project! We’ll be heading over to a local organization (aptly named “Phil’s Friends“) with YOU guys, and friends from our sponsor Adaptu, to help make care packages for those with cancer. Come join us!

About Phil’s Friends

Phil’s Friends is a faith-based charity that provides support and comfort to those who are fighting cancer. They distribute care packages to patients and their families, organize fund raising events, and even help host concerts with the likes of Avalon, 33 Miles and Mark Schultz. The purpose of Phil’s Friends is “to bring hope.” People are diagnosed with cancer every day, and often have no place to turn. We all need comfort, peace, and joy, and Phil’s Friends seeks to provide this “hope” for everyone who needs it.

Join Us and Make a Difference!

Phil's Friends logoHop on the bus with us Friday, and help make care packages! Our goal is to have 50 volunteers show up and help as many cancer patients as we possibly can.

As a special treat, we’ll then give you pizza :)


  • Meet at the hotel lobby @ 3pm
  • Dress casually & comfortably
  • If you’d like to make a care package for someone you know, bring their names and addresses :)
  • We’ll return back @ 6pm – in plenty of time before the welcome reception starts.

We’ll also be collecting money and gift cards for Phil’s Friends as a surprise. If you’d like to give a little extra, or if you can’t make it to the event, come find me (J. Money) and we’ll make sure to deliver it for you :)  Even $5.00 helps out immensely! (Or if you prefer gift cards instead, these are the 3 places we know they could use: Panera Bread, Dairy Queen and Starbucks)

We’ll see you soon!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to me personally: J @ budgets are sexy .com. I can’t wait to meet everyone face-to-face finally, it’s gonna be awesome!

Phil's Friends bring hope


Thank you for coming out, guys!

We showed up with over 70 people strong, and raised over $1200 in total – way to go!!! Thank you so much for making this event even better than we had imagined. You guys rocked it, give yourselves a pat on the back :) Here is a quick 3 min video for those who missed it (or those who want to relive the awesomeness again! Haha… It was a blast!)

I think this volunteer summed it up the best:

“Loved this!! What a great way to meet people before the event and give back to the community. Excellent. It was wonderful to be able to help their organization, especially with something that would have taken them days to accomplish. We did it in a few hours and it not only didn’t cost them a penny, but we were able to make a significant financial contribution. I would love to do something again next year.”

Thanks again guys, well see you again soon :)

17 Responses to Dropping Love with FINCON11

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  2. Crystal says:

    Cannot wait to meet you guys and hang out! See you September 30th!

  3. So excited! Can’t wait to help drop some love!

  4. Suba says:

    J, is there any specific preference for the denominations of the gift cards? Or it doesn’t matter?

  5. J. Money says:

    Anything is helpful! $5, $25, whatever your heart desires :) Thanks Suba!! Was a pleasure meeting you last month!

  6. Love it! I should be able to be there, I am flying in that day so assuming flight is on time, etc I will definitely make it :)

  7. J. Money says:

    Can’t wait to meet y’all too!

  8. Kay Bell says:

    So sorry I won’t be able to join y’all but I’m looking forward to hearing all about this great event.

  9. J. Money says:

    No worries, next year ;) You going to be at FINCON at least?

  10. I am flying overnight in order to arrive on time (with a margin for error) for the service project.
    So I may look sleepy, but I will be there. Just buy me a Diet Coke and point me toward whatever needs doing.

  11. J. Money says:

    haha, so – pretty much like the last time I saw you then? ;)

  12. I’ll be there! I feel the same as Donna — “Just buy me a Diet Coke and point me toward whatever needs doing” — but I don’t have a good reason like a red-eye flight. That’s just my natural, normal state of being!

  13. This is such an awesome incentive – I have never attended a conference where we have been invited to give back – I hope my flight gets in in time to join y’all!!! Thanks!!

  14. J. Money says:

    We hope you make it too! Make sure to bring 10 diet cokes for Paula up there ;)

  15. JoeTaxpayer says:

    I planned my flight to get in for this event, see you at the bus at 2:50. (I am neurotically early, mostly.)


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  17. J. Money says:

    Thank you all SO MUCH for coming out today! Meant the world – honestly. You guys rocked it!

    (and def fun meeting you Joe, haha – you crack me up dude)

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