The Kahlen’s Love Drop!

Now with 70% more kids, AND a special guest!

We did it, guys – Love Drop #4 was brilliant, and it’s mostly thanks to YOU! We were so touched this month by the strength of the Kahlen family’s love for one another, and we wanted to help give them some ways to hang out together and build some amazing memories without having to worry about cost, time and logistics.

Take a peek at the video to see how the entire team came together to make this happen for them. :)

Also watch for a cameo from Adam Baker and family, and more kids than we’ve ever had at a Love Drop before – we had so much fun this month, and hope you’ll join us for the next one.

(If you’re not a member of our team yet, it’s easy to join!)

Here is everything we gave them:
[For pictures of the Drop, click here.]

  • $2,000 Check from the Love Drop team (!!!). Including $405 from our Art Shop. (Great job guys!)
  • $500 from – A new, free online financial life planning and management service. Members of Adaptu
    can create a personalized view of their financial life and engage with a community to help take a more active role
    in the financial decisions that will affect their lives. (thx guys!)
  • $500 from Adam & Courtney Baker (Man Vs Debt – woo!)
  • $200 Gas card
  • $100 Target gift card (Thx Wendy!)
  • $100 Disneyland gift card! (Thx Carey)
  • $50 Regal Cinemas gift card
  • $45 Claim Jumper gift cards

LOADS of tickets for their family to enjoy!

Gift baskets FULL of goodies from Carey, Emily, Sarah, Leigh and crew:

  • Brenna’s basket: Justin Bieber silly bands, Justin Bieber action figure, Justin Bieber custom-made hoodie! Haha…
    And other cool trinkets. Well done guys, by far her fave part of the Drop :)
  • Kelsey’s basket: American girl dolls, American doll book, bubbles, hair bands, lip gloss and more.
  • Nathan’s basket: Necklace, an iPod shuffle from USAA (we later found out he had been DYING for one!),
    angels baseball, micro-kite, silly putty and more.
  • Yvonne’s basket: Candles, tea, body wash and lotions…
  • Kent’s basket: Specialty oils, sauces, spices…

Other great gifts & services:

  • Fruit bouquet by Edible Arrangements :)
  • Printed photo book covering the day’s Drop by GroupStory
  • Six months of weekly seasonal meal plans from
  • Six months of coaching services from – Solutions for midlife parents,
    troubled teens, single moms & career challenges.
  • Money makeover with Clarky Davis, The Debt Diva – courtesy of the providers of CareOne Debt Relief Services
  • Computer lessons from Brandon
  • Hand-picked toys for each child from
  • Writing job offer for Yvonne! (Thx Shannon!)
  • Exposure & advertising for Yvonne’s future published book. (Thx Shannon)
  • Writing gig for Kent for a crafts site. (Thx Shannon)
  • Gallery intros for Kent who are interested in possibly showcasing his work. (Thx RJ)

Unbelievable guys, great work. PERFECT way to celebrate together!

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19 Responses to The Kahlen’s Love Drop!

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  2. Shannyn says:

    Every month I look forward to your video updates, what a gift. :) So glad to see that we could help the family and bring them some much deserved support! Those glass hearts are GORGEOUS!

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  4. We are so thrilled to be involved with this Love Drop! Can’t wait to see what happens in the future.

  5. J. Money says:

    Thanks for all your support!! Just got an email from Kent saying they’re still feelin’ the love :) You guys really killed it this month – well done!

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