Past Drops

Here we go! All the families we have helped since launching on Jan 1st, 2011. In total, we gave out over $90,000 worth of goods and services – WELL DONE everyone! :)

Love Drop #12: Diomi & Nalee!

Check it out, guys! Our very last Love Drop video, full of special guest stars, Christmas cheer, and more joy than you can shake a stick at! It was the perfect ending to our big project this year. With your help, we have accomplished our goal for 2011 – to build a new micro-giving project that allows anyone to give just a small amount, but make a huge difference for a deserving family. Thanks for being a part of it all, we’ll see you again soon! :) Watch how it all went down here.

Love Drop #11: Marci!

WE DID IT, TEAM! We gave Marci and her entire family a handful of WONDERFUL vacations together – it was so fun! From the Aruba trip, to the weekend getaway to New York City, to the new camera and spending sprees we gave them, I think the Guay family will have some great quality times together :) WELL DONE guys! This was one of our favorite Drops to present, y’all are awesome :)
Watch how it all went down here.

Love Drop #10: The Triplets!

Talk about a baby success! Y’all raised over $2,000 in cash and gifts, and we were able to surprise Jeff & Becca with a VAN FULL of baby supplies! Overall we were able to show up with over 2,300 diapers, 2,700 baby wipes, 480 servings of formula, 3 high chairs, a large crib, TONS of toys and clothes, and enough detergent for over 740 loads of laundry. And it just goes to show again how IMPACTFUL each and every one of your single acts of kindness can have when joined together for a specific mission. In 30 days you affected 3 of the most beautiful babies around, and the whole family will be forever grateful. Way to go, team! Watch how it all went down here.

Love Drop #9: Melanie

Melanie’s Love Drop was a lot of fun, guys! We had yet another big turnout of friends and family who came to celebrate with us and provide extra help, gifts, and general goodwill. Our goal was to provide Melanie with a way to get back some of her “regular” life during her recovery period, and we’re happy to say that you all made it happen! We were able to give her three brand-new appliances (washer, dryer and stove) with front-facing controls that she can operate from her wheelchair (with a fun little “move that truck!” cheer to boot). Great job, guys!! Watch how it all went down here.

Love Drop #8: Lucy

Lucy’s Love Drop was AWESOME!! Wow. What a huge turn out and celebration we had. We literally had 30+ friends and family coming together to share the love and help send her off right before her big surgery :) It was an incredible experience. We won’t give away all the surprises we did for her (you’ll have to watch the Drop video to see!), but I can tell you that we ended up giving her WELL over our goal of $3,000 in the end. In fact, it almost hit $5,00! Which should def. help cover some insurance costs for her, GREAT JOB guys. Watch how it all went down here.

Love Drop #7: Felicity & Family

This was one of the biggest Drops yet! We drove down to Atlanta to hang out with little Felicity and the rest of the Withrow family, and to help them out a little bit with all the medical costs incurred from battling Felicity’s brain cancer. We were blessed this month to have visitors and special guests at the Drop from all over the country, including Kat Cole, the president of Cinnabon, and all in all, our community raised over $5,000 to help with expenses! Plus $5,000 worth of other great stuff including a surprise baby shower for Amanda :) Well done everyone! Watch how it all went down here.

Love Drop #6: The Aubin Family

We headed out to the Detroit area this time around, and as always it went down great! This one was unique in that we were celebrating the continuing gift of life someone gave even after his passing. We had feared that it could get pretty sad, but it ended up being a joyful occasion full of fond memories and happy faces. And at the end we gave them enough money to cover almost three months worth of rent! As well as another special gift you’ll have to watch and learn more about – it was our favorite, and theirs too ;) Well done everyone! Watch how it all went down here.

Love Drop #5: The Stalnaker Family

This was one of our best Love Drops ever. It included a 1,000 mile road trip, Southern hospitality, a fantastic surprise (WE GAVE AWAY A MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE!), local special guests, and working with high school kids . . . such an awesome time! And as an added bonus, we were able to present the Drop in Joy’s classroom, among all her students who inspired one of our members to donate the car. You can’t make this stuff up, guys. THANK YOU to every single one of you who made this possible. You guys did it again! Watch how it all went down here.

Love Drop #4: The Kahlen Family

This Love Drop was a very rewarding experience for our entire team. As we got to know the family, we realized how incredibly strong the bonds were among them, and that instead of just money, we could really make an impact by providing them with ways to go places and do things as a family, and create some amazing memories together. Our community worked hard behind the scenes to provide some very cool opportunities! You can watch the entire story here.

Love Drop #3: Katie

Katie’s Drop was special because we got to focus on the community aspect of this project. She’s been fighting through some brain tumors, and wasn’t able to attend the annual BlissDom conference with all her friends . . . so we brought the conference (and her friends) to her! And of course we showered her with gifts and goodies, as usual. :) You can watch the entire story here.

(Big thanks to BlissDom for sponsoring March’s Drop and making this possible!)

Love Drop #2: Ethan and Alex

This month we set a goal of raising $13,000 to help get a service dog for our young friends Ethan and Alex, both battling autism. It was a huge goal for a small team, but your hearts really showed through as we all came together to make it happen (WE GOT IT!!!). It was amazing to have the opportunity to be a part of the incredible effort this time around. You can watch the entire story here.

(A big thanks to everyone who went above and beyond this month to make it all possible. Much love!)

Love Drop #1: Jill

For our very first Love Drop, we worked with Jill and her kids in Chicago. They lost everything in a fire and were homeless for a second time in a row. Throughout it all they’ve been able to give back to their community, and the Love Drop team pulled together to help them with $2,500 :) Plus a ton of other goods and services. You can watch the entire story here.

(A Huge thanks to Kona Grill for sponsoring January’s Drop and making this possible!)

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