Love Drop #10: The Triplets

October 2011 – The Triplets

This month we’re helping Jeff and Becca from Indianapolis prepare to bring their new triplets home from the hospital. All three were born very underweight and are currently in Neonatal ICU, but are doing well and will be coming home soon. With four children already, adding a surprise batch of triplets is going to put considerable financial strain on the family, and that’s where we come in!

Let’s help give them everything they need to welcome the triplets home, including diapers, food, furniture, gift cards – any cool baby stuff you can think of. We’re shooting for at least $3,000 in cash, plus gifts. Let’s do this!

Goal: $3,000
Drop Some Love

Where Your Money Goes

We’re going to direct everything we raise this month toward taking care of these new babies. Jeff and Becca live in a very small trailer home that’s already quite full with four other children. Now with a total of seven kids, it’s a lot to handle all at once. Diapers alone are going to run hundreds of dollars per month! Let’s give them a big supply of those, along with a ton of other baby stuff.

And if you could find a way to help us get them a single-family home, that would be awesome too. ;)

For all of you who have had children of your own, you understand the amazing joy they bring, but also the incredible amount of responsibility that comes with them. It’s always a bit scary (especially financially) to bring a new baby home, right? Now imagine bringing home three at once – wow! Time for us to help out…

heartWhy We’re Helping This Family

Even though these two don’t have much, they still give back as a family. Becca will often cook extra food for dinner and invite over other kids from the neighborhood to help feed them when they don’t have enough to eat.

It’s a tough time financially for Jeff and Becca right now, and many of us have been there before . . . uncertain about our children’s future, let alone our own. But now that we’ve made it through, it’s a great time for us to extend a helping hand to them, and let them know that everything will turn out okay. Let’s surprise the Nevins family with a GREAT Love Drop this month!

         Learn more about these beautiful new babies: Episode #2 :)
Nevins family
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Episode #2: Grow Babies, Grow!

(Episode #2 of 3)

After spending weeks in the NICU, triplets Aaron, Jeffery and Aleana are getting bigger and healthier by the day :) Weighing in at a whopping 6 pounds each (huge in preemie terms) these little dolls are almost ready to come home and that’s going to be a big challenge for parents, Jeff and Becca.

With four people already busting the seams on their 900 sq foot trailer home, when the triplets arrive in a few weeks, it’s really going to be a tight fit. Jeff is already looking forward to his Thanksgiving turkey and Becca will be thankful to have her babies home but right now they just wonder how they’re going to make it work. We know we can help!

These babies are going to need a lot and babies are super fun to shop for. Their stuff is so darn cute. Aaron, Jeffery and Aleana have already fought so hard. Let’s make sure they have everything they need when they finally come home!

In Which We Drop Love on The Triplets!

(Episode #3 of 3)

Talk about a baby success! Y’all raised over $2,000 in cash and gifts, and we were able to surprise Jeff & Becca with a VAN FULL of baby supplies! And it only took us 6 hours to go out and buy, haha… (you’ll see our Babies “R” Us spree and antics in the video ;)). Overall we were able to show up with over 2,300 diapers, 2,700 baby wipes, 480 servings of formula, 3 high chairs, a large crib, TONS of toys and clothes, and enough detergent for over 740 loads of laundry. It was quite the celebration, let me tell you.

And it just goes to show again how IMPACTFUL each and every one of your single acts of kindness can have when joined together for a specific mission. In 30 days you affected 3 of the most beautiful babies around, and the whole family will be forever grateful. Way to go, team!

[To check out the pictures, click here.]

  • We dropped off over $2,500 worth of baby stuff! – Do you know how many carts that fills up?? Haha… (4). Our good friends over at Babies “R” Us hooked us up with some discounts, and we went all out shopping for a solid 4 hours making sure we got those babies as many of the essentials as we could (not to mention an additional Costco run for some of the bigger bulk items!). And we give mad thanks to Heather, our nominator this month, for helping us along in the process too – we would have been lost without her! :)

So GREAT JOB with all the money this month, everyone — You REALLY made a difference in these triplets’ lives! Check out all the stuff we gave them:

  • 2,304 Diapers (Over 10 huge boxes worth!)
  • 2,700 Wipes (those babies can be messy! :))
  • 748 Loads worth of detergent (again, they’re messy!)
  • 480 Servings of baby formula (which is not cheap, wow)
  • 3 High chairs (each with cool-looking monkeys on them ;))
  • 3 Swings (one of which we had never seen before? Kinda cool the new stuff out there)
  • 1 Large play pen (which looked like it could convert to bunk beds for the babies! Haha… it had all sorts of different levels and toys built in :))
  • 1 Nice stroller (they already had one which fit two, so now the set’s complete! Thanks Shannon!)
  • 3 CUTE snowsuits! Two blues and one pink ;)
  • $500 worth of toys and other baby items (wayyyyy too many to mention, but let’s just say it filled an entire shopping cart and a half! Blankets, games, squishy things, you name it. If it was baby-related, we probably picked up 3 of them ;))
  • A gift bag from the Indianapolis Colts! Stuffed w/ awesomely branded animals and well wishes (Thanks Colts! And Jessica for sharing the triplets’ story with them :))
  • TWO complete Date nights! Which consists of two fancy dinners, followed by tickets to the movies and FREE baby sitting by a close friend of theirs. Gotta make sure the parents have breaks!
  • A $150 gas card to help get them there and back, as well as for other daily trips that are always needed :)
  • $75 worth of Babies “R” Us gift cards: Thanks again Trinnie and Jessica!
  • 4 Tickets to the Children’s Museum‘s Haunted House! (Thanks Heather and Children’s Museum!)
  • A Nintendo Wii :) For the whole family to play and spend some fun times together.
  • A gift bag of beauty goodness from Sarah – Thanks so much for driving all the way over to celebrate with everyone!
  • 6 months of meal plans courtesy of (Thanks for always participating!)
  • 6 months of coaching services from – Solutions for midlife parents, troubled teens, single moms & career challenges.
  • And a photo book from GroupStory to capture the entire Drop’s celebrations.

WAY TO GO guys!! These babies are gonna be sooooooo taken care of for quite a while – give your selves some pats on the back :) So amazing how everyone’s efforts combined can create such a larger impact in such a small amount of time we have every month. Keep up the great work!!

*Special thanks to Casey Mullins for her awesome Photography skills!